Do I need Planning Permission?

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether or not a client requires planning permission. Although there are exceptions the Statutory Requirements for Conservatories in England regarding planning permission are as follows:


Planning is definitely required for the following:


  • The property is a flat or maisonette
  • The property is a listed building
  • The property is on designated land
  • The property is in a conservation area and the Conservatory extends beyond the side wall of the original house
  • Permitted development rights have been removed
  • The proposed Conservatory plus any other additions or buildings, covering an area of more than 50% of the land around the original building
  • The proposed Conservatory forward of the principle elevation or side elevation of the house fronting a highway
  • If the Conservatory, including finials, higher than the highest part of the existing roof
  • If the house is attached and the rear of the Conservatory is more than 3 metres from the original house **
  • If the house is detached and the rear of the Conservatory is more than 4 metres from the original house **
  • If the Conservatory is on the side of the property and greater than half the width of the original house
  • If the eaves height of the Conservatory is higher than the eaves of the original house
  • Is the Conservatory (side or rear) within 2 metres of a boundary and the eaves height is greater than 3 metres


** The neighbourhood consultation scheme may be able to be used if the installation is completed by May 2019. This means an attached property at the rear of the site can be up to 6 metres in projection without a full planning application. The scheme has a consultation period of 42 days. If the property is detached the extension can be up to 8 metres in projection.

This scheme is only available if it does not contravene the other Statutory Requirements.